Thursday, June 4, 2015

CLIENTS BEWARE! is a high-class escort agency. We are providing professional services that are trusted since 2000.

In this day and age with high speed Internet websites, social media and cheap advertisements, we are sorry to inform you that 90% of our competitors in the Philippines are fraudulent and copycats. A professional escort agency will not copy a web-content of others and revise them for their own use. A trusted escort agency won’t display their talents’ profile and photos on their website. A reliable escort agency has good reviews and testimonials from clients. 

Unfortunately, most of the escort agencies in Manila have the escort pictures on their websites. Please be cautious when making a booking. There are a lot agency owners who have no philosophy in escort services and they just steal people’s photos without permission. They claim to be professional services, but they are rip-offs. Then you are supposed to get the girl you see on the Internet who will turn out to be a different person or a transgender. When you open the door, the girl shows up is NOT what you ordered or requested from the website. Most escorts from these agencies may also rob you. Beware! Do not contact a cheap agency or an escort website who has a similar content to us. They have been copying our web-content and revise them. They are phonies! And replica escort agencies have nothing worthy to offer you. You’re setting yourself up for a very unpleasant evening. 

For those of you who assume we are exaggerating. Please call our alleged competitors and professional independent escorts and book them, after you got conned, let us know. How did we know all these issues? We've been in the industry for more than a decade.


We disclaim association with other local agencies. Belle Elite International Agency is only providing social escort services. We are only serving elite gentlemen who desire companionship of a classy and educated woman.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Belle Elite International is accepting urgent bookings within Metro Manila. Our models are ready to be booked for 24/7. However, to avoid inconvenience and to help you accordingly please advise us at least 4-5 hours in advance. Most of our escorts in Manila are full-time University students and have a professional career. Thus, it is important that we arrange the booking for them with advance notice.

We accept bookings in the following locations;

-Quezon City

How to be a verified member?
It’s very simple, just send us your valid contact information, valid hotel reservations and full-name to Our Elite Support Team will check your information and we will assist you within an hour during our office hours (UTC + 8:00).

How to book an immediate escort?
You can drop us a message in the LiveChat. Our Elite Support Team is available 16/7.

Are the escort services legit in Manila?

We provide legit social escort services to all our clients. 


Friday, May 29, 2015


Every week, we receive a lot of questions that are repeated. For this reason, we have taken the time to compile a list of some of the commonly asked questions to help you find what you need much faster. In case you do not find what you are looking for in this list, feel free to get in touch with us and we will assist you.

1. Do you provide genuine high-class escort service?
All the escort services we provide is completely genuine high-class. You don’t have to worry about getting a nasty escort.

2. Can I specify the exact kind of companion that I need?
In order to get the exact or ideal companion, please email us with specific details. Please note, do not discuss about specific sexual acts either directly or implied. Discussing about sex when money is involved could be construed as a solicitation for prostitution which, of course, is illegal. Our agency does not provide commercial sex.

3. You mentioned in your website that I can request an immediate booking. How fast I can meet the courtesan?
If you need an escort for the same day booking you must contact us before 5pm and/or 4 hours in advance and confirm as soon as possible. The escort will be there on time as most of them are based in Makati, Ortigas, Pasay and Manila areas.

4. How do I confirm my booking?
First, you must contact us and provide us valid information. Once we both agree with our terms and conditions, we will send you an acknowledgement response about your confirmed booking.

5. Where are the girls from?
We have local girls (Filipino and Chinese) and occasionally we have foreign models from Singapore, Malaysia and Europe who can be booked in Manila upon request.

6. Why should I choose you as my escort provider?
Simply, we provide quality escorts who are top notch to ensure that you are getting what you need.

7. Do you keep records of my files?
Absolutely no! We delete all emails, communication and contact information of all the clients after each booking.

8. So, who are you?
We are an awesome group of professional women who enjoy indulging in modelling and adult entertainment services from time to time. We are not amateurs looking for clients to con them for money. We sincerely believe in professional work and legit escort services.

9. I sent a message, but until now I haven’t received a reply.
Please check your spam folder and also, make in your safe sender’s list. We usually respond within an hour during office hours (Philippine Time Zone UTC+08:00).

10. I tried to log-in but passwords are invalid.
The private gallery is accessible only for verified members who have the passwords, if the client is undecided or too busy to make a choice of his courtesan within an hour, the auto-lock passwords will lock the private gallery without prior notice. Please select your escort and confirm the booking as soon as you can to avoid inconvenience.

11.Are the girls in the private gallery real?
Yes, the photos of the girls in the private gallery are absolutely real! We do not publish the photos of the model if we suspect it’s a fake. We also remove the photos of inactive models in our agency.

12. What is the difference between your agency and the competitors?
The main element that allows us to be superior to any escort agency is the fact that we are able to deliver exactly what we promise to our clients (the other agency has copied this statement). The problem with many agencies is that they misrepresent their talents in order to make a sale. We pride ourselves as a professional escort agency. Our services are guided by philosophy and we make every effort to meet your ideal escort. We can offer that guarantee.

13. Which courtesan is the best for me?
There is no one courtesan that can be generally applied to every client. One of the reasons why clients trust us for delivering reliable services is because of the variety of choices we are capable of offering our clients. You can find someone ideal for you.

14. What about confidentiality?
Providing a safe environment for both clients and talents is our main concern. Our agency’s website is professional which prevents anonymous hackers from having access to our member’s personal information. Additionally, all bookings are safe and legit. We can guarantee it 100% of the time.

15. I provided my honest opinion, but how come you didn’t publish my testimonial?
If we like your reviews, we have every right to be proud. Our testimonial page is not for the slam - Fest for men who are pissed off. The review needs to be objective and fair.

16. I noticed your website is similar to other escort agencies?
Our agency was established since 2000 and we have an excellent and secured website. We also detected a few phony and copycats, however, as a very competitive agency, we revise the design of our website from time to time without prior notice.

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