Tuesday, 20 May 2014

World Economic Forum on East Asia.

World Economic Forum on East Asia.

The 23rd World Economic Forum on East Asia will be held in Metro Manila, Philippines. According to the world economic forum, the Philippines is poised to be the strongest performing South-East Asian economy in 2014, with GDP growth project to surpass 6.5%. The meeting will serve as an ideal platform for participants and leaders to deliberate the opportunities of the ASEAN Economic Community to promote greater inclusion across East Asia.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

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Thursday, 13 March 2014



I was away on business and was bored sitting in my hotel room so I decided to go to the bar for a drink. I got to the lobby and as I headed towards the bar a man rushed by and bumped into me making me drop my purse, I bent down to pick up the contents of my purse and the guy stopped, apologized and helped me stand up by holding my arm;

“I’m so sorry” he said as he helped me up

“that’s ok” I said “you must be in a hurry”

“I have to meet a client and I’m already late”

This guy looked me in the eyes and he looked like a nice guy with friendly green, brown hair and he looked very lean and muscular;

“thanks for helping me though” I said as I gazed into his eyes

“you are more than welcome”

“I’m Sammy” I said not wanting him to leave

“hi Sammy, I’m Gavin” he said as he put out his hand for me to shake

“are you staying in the hotel Sammy” he enquired

“yes I am Gavin, just for a few days on business”

“Would you like to sit for 5 minutes” he asked

“what about your client?”

“it’s too late now, I’ll call him later with an excuse” Gavin said

“I was just heading the bar Gavin, maybe you could join me”

“Sure” he said with a big smile

We went to the bar and ordered drinks then sat in the corner and just chatted, we were getting on really well and it felt like I had known Gavin for a long time. He was so relaxed and also very interesting but he was also a good listener which I like. Gavin was also very funny and made me laugh, we chatted for what seemed like forever and I really didn’t want to leave him as I was enjoying his company a lot but I really needed to freshen up.

Gavin said he needed to speak to his client but had left his number in his room so would have to go and make a call, I told him that was fine as I needed to freshen up anyway.

“Maybe we could meet back here in an hour” Gavin said

“Sure, that would be nice” I replied

“when you are ready you can just come and knock on my door” Gavin said

“ok what room number?” I asked

“304, Sammy”

“oh wow I am 204, I must be right below you”

“that would be nice” Gavin said as he winked at me
“ha ha very funny Gavin” I replied, secretly thinking that would be nice

We parted company and I was thinking about him all the way to my room, I really felt like we made a connection and was looking forward to seeing him again. I thought I would have a quick shower then I could be in his room in no time, I was just so excited I felt like a kid.

I lay out a tight short dress on the bed with a sexy pair of tight panties, these panties gave me a sexy camel toe and always made me feel sexy, I never wear a bra as I like my nipples to poke out as it feels nice and also gets men looking. I put the shower on brushed my teeth as I waited for the water to heat up, I finished brushing my teeth and went to get into the shower but the water was still cold, too cold for me to shower in.

I turned the dial to it’s hottest setting but still nothing, there is no way I could get in with the water this cold so I called the front desk to try and get it sorted.

“sorry Madame our maintenance guy has finished for the day” I was told

“but I need a shower now and I cannot shower in freezing cold water” I said angrily

“I can only apologize Madame and we will reflect this in your bill but there really is nothing I can do about it this evening”

“well this is simply not good enough and I expect a very good discount for this inconvenience” I told him trying not to shout

I slammed the receiver down and was furious, I really wanted to see Gavin but I had to freshen up as my pussy had been sweating all day and I just didn’t feel clean. The only thing I could think of was to go to Gavin’s room and ask if I could use his shower, it was a bit of a cheek seeing as I had only just met him but I didn’t know what else to do and I didn’t want to spend the night in my room alone.
I decided that was the only thing I could do so I plucked up the courage and went up to Gavin’s room, Gavin opened the door with just a towel around his waist from just getting out of his nice warm shower;

“Oh, err, hi Sammy, I wasn’t expecting you so soon” he said sounding surprised

“I’m so sorry Gavin but I have to ask you a favour”

“ok go ahead”

“my shower is not working properly I have no hot water, I have spoken to the front desk and their maintenance guy is finished for the day and there are no spare rooms so I was wondering if I might be able to use yours” I asked him embarrassingly

“yeah that’s fine Sammy, come in” he said as he stood to one side and opened the door wider so I could enter

“I have just showered so the water should be just right, just let me check”

Gavin went into the bathroom and turned the shower on to make sure it was not too hot or too cold, while he was in there I got undressed and put a towel around me so I could get straight in when it was ready

“The water is just warming up Sammy, it’s gone cold pretty quick, I don’t think their showers are the best” he said as he looked me up and down.

 We sat on the bed in just our towels and chatted and I was feeling slightly horny knowing that under our towels we were both naked, Gavin was talking to me but I wasn’t really listening as I was looking at his body and imagining him naked. I had not had sex for a while and I could feel my pussy tingling at the naughty thoughts that were running through my head. Gavin had a nice body with a firm toned stomach and he looked sexy sitting there in just his towel.

I leaned towards Gavin and touched his thigh as I moved closer to kiss him, we began kissing and his lips felt so soft, I kissed him gently and ran my tongue along his top lip. This made my pussy feel nice and as I pulled from Gavin I noticed his cock was semi hard so I knew he liked it;

“I really need to shower Gavin” I said in a soft voice

“maybe I could join you” Gavin asked

With that I stood up allowing my towel to fall to the floor revealing my cute pert tits and my warm and now very wet pussy

“WOW! Sammy, you are fucking sexy” Gavin said as his cock twitched under his towel

I took Gavin by the hand and walked him into the bathroom, I turned to kiss him and as I did I pulled his towel away and gently stroked his cock. His cock was now rock hard and it felt so big in my hand. I held his cock and walked into the shower leading him in by his cock. Gavin took the soap from the dish and began lathering my tits and then worked his way down to my pussy, I then started washing my pussy allowing Gavin to concentrate on my tits. Gavin rubbed my tits with the soap then rinsed me down, the water ran down my tits onto my belly then down the crack of my pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer I just wanted to feel Gavin’s cock inside me.

I put my arms around Gavin’s neck and he lifted me up by the cheeks of my ass so my pussy was just above his swollen cock, Gavin lowered me down onto his cock and pushed it into my wet cunt. My legs clamped around Gavin’s waist as his cock entered me deeper and deeper. I kissed him passionately as the water ran down my back and onto his balls, the warm water on his balls made him want to cum so he squeezed my ass cheeks and lifted me up and down on his gorgeous cock harder and harder and deeper and deeper with each movement. My cunt was no running like a tap as my juices splashed out of my pussy soaking his cock and balls.

Gavin pushed his cock deep into me and as he did I dug my nails into his back as hard as I could, this was too much for Gavin and I felt his cock start to twitch as his cum was getting ready to explode from his dick and fill my aching cunt.

I screamed as his cock was pulsating inside me pumping me full of his hot cock juice, I could feel his cum inside me and this made my cunt contract and pulse as my orgasm raced through my body. Gavin was fucking me harder and the harder he fucked me the more I dug my nails into his back which in turn made him cum harder. He held his cock deep inside and let it pump the last drops of cum into me as another orgasm shot through me like a lightening bolt.

Gavin pulled his cock from me as another orgasm hit me and as he did my cunt squirted all over his cock. I climbed off Gavin and went down on his still throbbing cock to lick all the cum from it. Gavin grabbed my head and slowly face fucked my pushing the cum from my mouth so it dribbled down my chin.

“that was amazing Sammy” Gavin said as he stood me up and wiped the cum from my face before kissing me again

“Wow Gavin I don’t think I have ever had such an intense orgasm, your cock certainly hit the spot” I said shakily

We cleaned all the cum from us and got out to dry ourselves but seeing Gavin’s cock still twitching with every beat of his heart just made me want to fuck him some more. I pushed Gavin back slowly until he felt the bed against the back of his legs, I then pushed his chest making him fall back then lay on top of him and rubbed my still wet body against his. I could soon feel his cock hard against me so I moved down to take it deep in my mouth, my soft lips expertly sucking and licking every inch of his manhood.

Gavin’s cock was soon rock hard again and I lay next to him so he could get on top of my and sick his cock deep inside me. Gavin held me in his arms as he slowly pushed his cock into my willing pussy, as he did I wrapped my legs around him and pushed him deeper feeling every inch of him. Gavin rammed his cock into my cunt and I gripped his back and dug my nails deep into his flesh making him fuck me harder as he gritted his teeth and thrust his hips faster and faster. I put my hands down and scratched his ass with my nails before burying them in his back again. Gavin felt huge as he continued to stuff me with his cock making my pussy fill with my juices.

The harder Gavin fucked me the more my nails dug in and now my whole body was tensing up as my first of many orgasms hit me. I thrust my hips up and arched my back as my cunt gushed like a fountain, my legs were crushing Gavin and my toe nails were digging hard into his legs. Gavin quickened the pace as my cunt gripped his cock like a vice ready to milk him of all his gooey creamy cum. Gavin was fucking me like a man possessed and my whole body was on fire and contorting as orgasm after amazing orgasm rushed through my entire body. Gavin started to cum and I felt his cock pump into me so I pulled his cock out and made him cum all over my tits, belly and pussy. His cock was pumping and pumping his cum all over me at the same time as my cunt was gushing my own cum from deep inside.

Gavin’s cock stopped throbbing as the last drops of cum dribbled from the end, I sat up and kissed the tip gently before falling back onto the bed with Gavin on top of me.

We didn’t bother going back out but I can tell you that this was just the beginning of a night of some serious fucking.


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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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